Operating OpenShift

An SRE Approach to Managing Infrstructure

by Rick Rackow & Manuel Dewald


About The Book

Kubernetes has gained significant popularity over the past few years, with OpenShift as one of its most mature and prominent distributions. But while OpenShift provides several layers of abstraction over vanilla Kubernetes, this software can quickly become overwhelming because of its rich feature set and functionality. This practical book helps you understand and manage OpenShift clusters from minimal deployment to large multicluster installations.


About the Author

Rick Rackow

Rick is a seasoned professional who has worked on cloud and container adoption throughout his career. As Site Reliability Engineer on Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated team, Rick manages and maintains countless OpenShift clusters at scale and ensures their reliability every day by developing and following the best practices the reader will learn in this book.


About the Author

Manuel Dewald

Manuel has been a software engineer on a variety of software projects from big enterprise software to distributed open source software composed of independent components. He's now working as Site Reliability Engineer at Red Hat, maintaining and automating the lifecycle of OpenShift clusters.



"The book highlights the best practices of running and operating high performance Openshift clusters based on the author's real world SRE experience. I personally found the book very useful and I would recommend it to anyone working with Openshift." - Adrian Joian (Senior Infrastructure Engineer - FastTrack for Azure)

"This book is quintessential for any organization that aspires to manage fleets of OpenShift clusters at scale. I cannot see better people to write about operating OpenShift than Manuel and Rick who have been key in the success of our managed OpenShift offering." - Christophe Attias (Senior Manager, Red Hat)


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